V32 | Monsaraz


Client: Real Estate Developer

Area: 119.80m2

Team: to be defined

Construction: to be defined

Contractualization: 2024

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The single-family house project, “Monsaraz 1”, was developed for a German couple who decided to spend their winters in the Alentejo. Located in Monsaraz, the house was designed to blend into the local environment, offering a functional space adapted to the region’s climate and lifestyle. The architecture that rehabilitates the house tries to get closer to the historic setting of Monsaraz, creating a balance between the new and the traditional.

Monsaraz is a town in the Alentejo, known for its landscapes and cultural traditions. The whitewashed houses with their blue lines provide a unique setting for the couple’s future life. The project was developed to underline these characteristics, providing a home adapted to the local context.

With a design process that values natural light and views of the region, the house is designed for an environment suitable for the Alentejo winters.

The Importance of Alentejo’s Patios

The house was designed to take advantage of the outdoor patio, overlooking a plain with no visual obstructions whatsoever. This outdoor space is essential for everyday life, allowing residents to connect directly with the surrounding nature. The patio acts as an extension of the indoor area, providing a perfect environment for “socializing”.

With arched windows, the architecture seeks to revive the traditional circular window format, which is very present in the region’s history. These windows let in plenty of natural light, creating a bright and welcoming atmosphere inside the house.

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