AB84 | Porto


Client: Private Client

Area: 720 m2

Team: Adesus Lda; MGF – Engineering and Consultancy; Eng Armanda Santos

Construction: Arestsolúvel Construção Civil Unipessoal Lda.

Contracting: 2017

[Em construção]
under construction | fall 2021
Projecting on a historical legacy

The Alexandre Braga building belongs to Bolhão, just as its history is intertwined with that of the Market. In this building there was once a textile factory.

The structure was very weak; heavily loaded machines had caused the beam supports to break and damaged much of the building.

Partially vacant, but with the store in operation, an intervention was requested without harming the day to day life of the first floor – the commercial area.

the responsibility to rehabilitate

Detail and careful study

Rehabilitating, while caring for the existing, was one of the premises of the project. However, a pre-existing staircase of one continuous flight for 4 floors became unfeasible for accessibility today.

There was a redesign of this access, configuring it with wide turns and conjugating it with new landings.

The study not only designed this change but tried to get to the points that it believed this change would result in, a new handrail, new footer articulation, and the exact placement of the light fixtures.

At the base was the memory of the owner, who in her childhood saw, from the entrance, the stairway to infinity.

Virtual RealityUnder Construction

A new floor, an apartment

The idea of making use of the leaked water

AB84 had three apartments, however it was vacant and uninhabitable.

After an initial site visit, the importance of light was clear. Every floor was sprinkled with light, either through the windows or the glass tiles.

On floors 1 and 2, there was a redesign of the apartments, maintaining a traditional apartment structure.

However, it was clear to trace a different course for the top floor, it was intended to keep the identity offered by the light and create two apartments distributed in double height.

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unique characteristics

Each building belongs to its place, AB84 is from Porto, but belongs to the heart of the Bolhão Market. The building was completely vacant except for the store, so it was important to keep the business running for the duration of all the work.

  • rehabilitation of the wooden structure

  • facade renovation
  • placement of new frames, recovering the original design
  • increase in the number of apartments