G20 | Coliving in Rua do Gerês


Client: Real estate developer

Area: 248.08m2

Team: to be defined

Construction: to be defined

Contractualization: 10.2023

[Em Execução]

With an enlightening vision of the coliving lifestyle, this project captures cohabitation between different nationalities, cultures and ages. Diversity is promoted, fostering an environment where people share experiences and create meaningful connections.

This is an approach in keeping with a new way of urban living, which prioritizes interaction and cultural exchange.

By promoting a coliving environment, the aim is to create a diverse community where different nationalities, lifestyles and cultures meet.

This concept not only offers housing, but also encourages collaboration and the creation of interpersonal bonds. Through this coexistence, residents have the opportunity to learn from each other and share unique experiences, thus enriching community life and promoting a sense of belonging and mutual understanding.

Living Abroad

re’create the outdoor spaces to varolize the dwelling

Coliving in Rua do Geres is a recent residential development that will offer short and long-term residency. Located in the heart of Porto, the project maintains the main façade and preserves the building’s history.

The outdoor space at the back has been reused to create leisure areas, a terrace and a place to eat, read a book or just meditate. These spaces provide residents with an opportunity to enjoy urban life while taking in the views of the city. Combining original elements with modern amenities, the Coliving at Rua do Geres offers a unique and functional residential experience.

Open kitchenTraditional kitchen

Designing common spaces

An individualized common experience

Valuing the importance of designing common spaces, on each floor there is a space dedicated to creating a common room, providing an environment for sharing and socializing among residents. Equipped with dining tables and cooking areas, these rooms promote a dynamic communal living experience.

From the balance between preserving the history of the building, it is planned to recreate the original floors and restore the window frames, while maintaining the authenticity and profile of the space.

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