B410 – Detached house in Serzedo | Gaia


Client: Private Client

Area: 185.18m2

Team: to be defined

Construction: to be defined

Contractualization: 2024

[Em licenciamento]

The project for this contemporary villa in Gaia was born from the division of a previously unified plot of land. Following the subdivision process, the old outbuildings were transformed into a house capable of receiving a new, contemporary and functional use

The minimalism of the house tries to blend in with its surroundings. By giving greater importance to the relationship between inside and outside, the project allows for a subtle transition between the well-lit interior spaces and the outdoor spaces.

Each space has been designed to transform the experience of socializing and enjoying the outdoors.

House in Gaia | Living abroad

Limits are in fact the main factor in space, just as the present, another limit, is the main factor in time. Eduardo Chillida

The curve of the façade is not only an aesthetic expression, but also a functional manifestation of how the space is designed. It redefines the physical form of the structure, but also establishes a dynamic connection between the interior and exterior.

By following the line of the façade, we are visually guided through the traditional boundaries of habitable space. The open windows invite in natural light, but also invite the outside atmosphere to permeate the interior spaces, creating a sense of continuity and freedom.

More than a project, this is an immersion in the dynamic rhythm of time and space, as conceived by Chillida. A sensory experience that challenges perceptions and invites you to connect with the fluidity of the daily routine of the home.


Housing in GAIA | a challenge of experiences

a new design, a new routine

Inspired by the work of sculptor Eduardo Chillida, this single-family house in Serzedo challenges traditional notions of space and boundaries.

The curved façade, in RAL9010 , tries to go beyond mere aesthetics and assumes a function in redefining the physical structure of the house. Spatial fluidity creates a dynamic connection between the interior and exterior, using natural light and the outside atmosphere to permeate the interior spaces.