JM445 | Gaia


Client: Private Client

Area: 350.00 m2

Team: Losangodromo Lda.

Construction: to be defined

Contractualization: 2023

[Em licenciamento]

A detached house located in the heart of Gaia, on a busy and vibrant street. On a street with a large flow of pedestrians and vehicles, the challenge of complying with the City Council’s guidelines, which required the first floor to be set back, was also faced.

In this context, a project is created that not only responds to regulatory requirements, but is also a new perspective for urban living in this urban location. The result is a house that combines form with functionality and incorporates the elements that stand out in the urban fabric.

Living in the city

Drawing in the urban fabric, drawing a city

The house on Rua José Mariani, in Gaia, represents a contribution to the ever-evolving urban landscape of this area. This project tries to strike a careful balance between integration into the growing urban fabric and the creation of a functional residential space.

A translucent metal railing plays a crucial role in defining the boundary between public and private space, giving the home privacy.

This project reflects the ongoing commitment to seek functional solutions in the design of single-family homes.

façade to facerecessed façade

The way of life

the importance of the private sector

The introduction of the translucent metal railing played an essential role in this project. This element acts as a distinct visual barrier, clearly delineating the boundaries between the public spaces of the busy street and the private environment of the house.

On the other hand, a unique visual connection is established between the interior of the house and the urban context. This creates a sense of continuity and interaction between the internal space and its surroundings, allowing residents to connect visually with the outside world while enjoying their private comfort.

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