AM300 | Modivas

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Client: Allied Motion Ltd.

Area: 450.00 m2

Team: to be defined

Construction: to be defined

Contractualization: 2023

[Em projeto]

Our search for innovative design for two new buildings was based on a variety of abstract concepts related to movement, form, and materiality.

Inspired by the idea of circular motion and the electric motor, we approached the use of circular shapes and used the rotation of a central core as key elements of our design.

The initial goal was to ensure that the building’s design met the functional needs of the company while reflecting Allied Motion’s core values.

Thinking of an environmentally conscious solution

Projecting on the company’s DNA

Attracted by the warm and reflective properties of copper, a vital component in the development of motion control solutions and a fundamental part of Allied Motion’s DNA. We use copper, or a material similar to copper, incorporating it into the design as a skin that surrounds the form. The skin itself alludes to movement in an irregular abstract pattern.

The possibility of installing solar panels and rainwater harvesting systems, as well as LED lighting and a perforated skin around the entire building that acts as shading, promote an environmentally conscious solution.

Projecting sustainable growth

Propose two alternative and at the same time complementary solutions

The challenge of designing two alternative solutions to meet the increasing needs of a growing organization was one of the initial permissions. We embarked on a comprehensive analysis, taking into consideration the available space, the necessary divisions, budget constraints, and constructive feasibility . As a result, we have developed two viable proposals that are believed to serve as alternatives to each other, while being able to coexist harmoniously.

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