BC226 | Brito e Cunha – Matosinhos


Client: Private Client

Area: 180.00 m2

Team: to be defined

Construction: to be defined

Contracting: 2021

[Em licenciamento]
Readjust the existing architecture

The need to rethink space

In 2021, the project to renovate a house in the heart of Matosinhos begins. However, during the course of the project, there were changes in the clients’ personal circumstances that allowed us to extend our project time. This gave rise to the opportunity to detail the conception of the project, designing a house that is a true representation of the needs and personality of those who live in it

Each villa is designed to adapt to the lifestyle of those who occupy it, taking into account individual routines and preferences. The new spaces have been designed to provide greater freedom and available space, allowing people to live more comfortably.

Designing the space

The importance of drawing

When the carpentry is designed and integrated into the space, you can truly grasp the architecture of the place. The simplicity of the lines that design a kitchen and the ability to transform that space into a living room or bedroom reveal the versatility that can be offered to the inhabitants.

This mutation of spaces is not only a response to the needs of the times in which we live, but also a result of the architecture we offer, adapting to the individual requirements of each home.

Every detail is planned so that the spaces flow harmoniously, keeping functionality as a fundamental element.

closed kitchenopen kitchen

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