LL62 | Porto


Client: Private Client

Area: 150 m2

Team: to be defined

Construction: to be defined

Contractualization: 2022

The building and its pre-existence

Facing the Largo dos Lóios, one of the most emblematic areas of the city’s historic center, this building emerges as an architectural project, but also as an urban design.

Help define the cércia of a street frontage by creating a new boundary at the top floor in the cluster of buildings.

the responsibility to rehabilitate

Detail and careful study

In a building where the accesses for commerce and housing were united and confused, a redesign of the vertical access was necessary, as well as a separation of entrances.

The old spiral staircase will give way to a new one, designed with a mixed metal and wood structure, lighter, projected to give access to the current floors and to a new floor that will be built.


Existing elevationProjected Elevation

A new floor, an apartment

Align basics, create building

With the redesign of the interior, the suggestion to align it with the neighboring buildings came up. Thus the building would gain, in addition to a new floor, a new balcony. A space that towers over the historic center.

A building that due to its reduced area becomes a single-family house, prepared for new routines and experiences.

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Unique Features

  • rehabilitation of the wooden structure

  • facade renovation
  • placement of new frames, recovering the original design
  • increase in the number of floors