LX01 | Luxembourg


Client: Private Client

Area: 107 m2

Team: Le Groupe Thomas & Piron

Construction: Le Groupe Thomas & Piron

Contracting: 2017

intervene in the construction

Review concepts, adapt the dwelling to the couple’s routine

The result of a more pragmatic use of the apartment is a kitchen with a clear entrance through the main access area and in perfect communication with the living room.

Smaller circulation areas promote larger areas of living spaces, bedrooms, and sanitary facilities. A suite is born, and two full bathrooms.

Two distinct environments are created, the social and the private, both with autonomy.

The apartment is integrated in a 2016 contemporary housing complex. An organization that was not very conventional for a young Iberian couple, were the reasons for the move.

Still under construction, they commissioned a project to reorganize the apartment.

Restructuring of social areas and public areas, management of circulation spaces simultaneously with the creation of complete sanitary facilities.