SP687 | Matosinhos


Client: Real Estate Developer

Area: 1347.12 m2

Team: NRV Norvia, Consultores de Engenharia S.A; Eng Pedro Liberal

Construction: to be contracted.

Contracting: 2021

Location | May 2021

Serpa Pinto 687 appears in one of the most affluent arteries of Matosinhos. A traditional avenue connecting to the Port of Leixões.

In a very crowded and complex urban fabric, Serpa Pinto should be able to become a break from the noise.

The facade should be able to articulate with its neighbors, yet stand out in its language. As a reflection of this permission, the choice of materials was based on glass and white metal.

Living in the city, enjoying outdoor spaces

Designing outdoor spaces in consolidated urban mesh

Despite a very small building width, one of the developer’s requirements from the very first moment was to create apartments with outdoor spaces.

In a post-pandemic period, and despite the small size of the apartments, the power to offer outdoor space would reveal itself throughout the project to be defining in the design of the façade.

On the top floor, as the body of the building had to be set back, the last apartment has the use of a larger patio area.

spatial organization vs building image

The volume that is being built in the city

When designing in the city, between two buildings, freedom is castrated but ultimately defines the permissions that will be revisited during all phases of design and construction.

With a spacious ground floor for the collective activities of all the dwellings.

Project Gallery

3d Model

3D Printing the Mockup

The model allows to bring the project closer to reality. The speed of 3D printing helps to test various facade, metric, or other construction options and conclude which one will best meet the initial requirements of each project.

  • material: petg
  • Printing time: 81 hours

  • Filament thickness: 0.2 mm
  • No. of building print phases: 4

3d Printing Gallery